SpaceX will be launching globally recognized Yusaku Maezawa around the moon with 8 artists on BFR

Tonight SpaceX announced new information regarding the updated BFR rocket and who their first paying customer is! His name is Yusaku Maezawa and is a world known artist curator from Japan and will be choosing 8 artists of his choice to fly with him. He's already put down a downpayment for the flight that is set to occur in 2023 and has purchased the entire BFR for the flight, so the 8 artists will be flying for free. The project is called #dearMoon, and more can be read about it here: There were many new things to be addressed on this new version of SpaceX's BFR rocket. For starters, the rocket will stand 118m (387.14ft) tall and 9m in diameter and can carry 100t to LE

SpaceX will be announcing BFR upgrades and who they're going to fly around the Moon

At 6:00pm PDT (9:00pm EDT), SpaceX will be announcing who they plan on flying around the Moon on thee BFR. This new rocket is sporting a new design since the last time they showed us their plan for this beast of a machine. Last night, Elon tweeted out two photos showing new official renders of the BFR, both shown in this article. Following the photos, he started to reveal some of the new features that stand out in them. Here's what we know: While not shown in the renders, there are grid fins on the first stage, there's a new movable wing on the front of the BFS toward the nose of the craft, another new tri-wing configuration with landing gear built into the tips of them to land on, and a new

SpaceX launches its 60th mission after minor delays

On September 10th, at 12:45am EDT, SpaceX launched their 60th successful mission, carrying the Telstar 18V satellite into a Geostationary Transfer orbit on a new Block 5 booster. SpaceX launched their Falcon 9 rocket from Space Launch Complex 40 in Cape Canaveral, Florida sporting a new Block 5 booster. Following stage separation, the first stage followed along its trajectory, without performing a boost back burn, and reentered the atmosphere to land on their droneship "Of Course I Still Love You" positioned out in the Atlantic Ocean. The 4-hour launch window opened at 11:28pm EDT on Sunday and went until 3:28am EDT on Monday. Before the launch window opened, SpaceX began to delay the launch

NASA's completed Mobile Launch Platform for SLS rolls onto LC-39B

On August 31st, 2018, NASA's Mobile Launch Platform (MLP) that will support the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and Orion Spacecraft arrived at Launch Complex 39B for fit checks and system testing. Before departing toward the launchpad, NASA's Crawler Transporter had to go pickup the MLP by going underneath it and then having it attached to the top. The 380ft Tall MLP travelled toward the launchpad at a whopping 0.7mph (1.13kmh) down the crawlerway. The Mobile Launch Platform is a key part in launching NASA's next rocket, the Space Launch System and Orion Spacecraft. It holds the Crew Access Arm, which will allow crew members to board the Orion Spacecraft on the launchpad just prior to lift

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