NASA's InSight successfully lands on Mars

NASA's InSight lander successfully lands on Mars after a 6 month journey from Earth! All reports from InSight are nominal and the spacecraft is safe on the surface of the red planet. The Entry, Descent, and Landing process through the atmosphere went nominally and placed the lander safely on Mars, the first landing since Curiosity landed in 2012. In roughly 5 hours we'll get confirmation on solar array deployment as well as some photos from the surface of Mars. This is the first photo from the surface of Mars from InSight that was transmitted before the debris cap was jettisoned from the camera, taken just after landing. Now InSight will begin solar array deployment and begin the processes f

NASA InSight on track to land on Mars tomorrow

After being launched in May of this year, NASA's InSight is on track to land on the red planet tomorrow afternoon. This will be the first landing on Mars since the Curiosity rover landed back in 2012! The InSight mission is designed to explore, monitor, and analyze the surface of Mars and everything below the surface. The lander is seeking how a rocky body evolves and forms into a planet and determine tectonic activity below the surface. This mission is going to help give us a deeper understanding of Mars and how it and other planets formed throughout their lifespan. Instruments: SEIS is a seismometer that will monitor the inner vibrations of Mars and help figure out the properties of Mars's

Northrup Grumman's Antares rocket launches Cygnus to the ISS

Early Saturday morning, Northrup Grumman's Antares rocket launched from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia and carried the Cygnus spacecraft into orbit to rendezvous with the International Space Station. Liftoff occurred at 4:01am EST from Launch Pad 0A of Virginia Space's Mid-Atlantic Spaceport. The NG-10 Cygnus Spacecraft is named after former astronaut John Young, who was NASA's longest serving astronaut and was a pioneer in human spaceflight while paving the way for humans living on the ISS. The spacecraft is carrying approximately 3,350kg (7,400lbs) of supplies and experiments to the ISS. Also on board the spacecraft are 3 cubists, which will be deployed after Cygnus is unberthe

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