NASA chooses Dragonfly for their New Frontiers Mission

Image: NASA This afternoon, Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA’s Associate Administrator of Science, and Lori Glaze, NASA’s Director of Planetary Sciences, announced they have chosen Dragonfly as their New Frontiers mission. This rotorcraft is designed to fly around through the thick atmosphere of Saturn’s moon Titan. It uses 8 propellers in a quadcopter configuration to efficiently fly around the surface of Titan to explore and collect research on various locations. First off, why go to Titan instead of Europa or Enceladus, which has signs of water on the surface. Titan is the only Moon in our solar system that has a thick atmosphere, which enables the rotorcraft to fly around using its 8 propellers. S

Third Launch For Falcon Heavy!

Photo: Ryan Bale Tonight SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket has launched for the third time, but on this Florida night there was a new milestone hit for this beast of a rocket. At 2:30 AM EST, three hours after the opening of the launch window, the Falcon Heavy had its first night launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida. On board this mission for the Department of Defense are 24 satellites for their first ever mission with a Falcon Heavy. According to SpaceX’s briefing on the launch, “the [Space Test Programs-2] launch will be among the most challenging launch in SpaceX history with four separate upper-stage engine burns, three separate deployment orbits, a final propulsive passivation maneuver and a

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