ULA successfully launches their Delta Medium rocket for the last time

This morning at 9:06am EDT, United Launch Alliance launched their Delta IV rocket in the medium configuration, with a 4-meter fairing and 2 solid rocket motors. It was carrying the GPS III satellite which is a more advanced and highly accurate GPS system for civil users. The Delta IV launched from Space Launch Complex 37 in Cape Canaveral, FL, completing 17 years of successful launches for ULA. The only rockets left in the Delta family now are the large Delta Heavy rockets, which will only launch 5 more times before Delta is phased out completely. After Delta and Atlas have been retired, ULA will be relying on their new Vulcan rocket, which has more power and capability than both Delta and A

Watch this Delta rocket launch for the last time

In just over 12 hours, United Launch Alliance will be launching their Delta IV rocket in it's "Medium" configuration consisting of a 4-meter fairing and 2 solid rocket boosters strapped to the sides of the main booster. After this launch, only the Delta IV Heavy rocket will launch from the Delta family of rockets, once those are done the Delta rockets will be retired as a whole. The Delta Heavy has 5 more launches after this, with the last launch being NROL-70 from Cape Canaveral, FL in 2024. The 27-minute launch window opens at 9am EDT, with the live broadcast starting at 8:40am EDT which can be viewed here. Liftoff will occur from Space Launch Complex37 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Stat

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